Known also as the drumstick tree, the miracle tree, the ben oil tree and the horseradish tree, moringa is such a plant as has numerous medicinal properties. Its antifungal, antiviral, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory properties have been a great source of solace for human beings since ages.

Though moringa is a native tree of India but it also grows in some other parts of the world such as: Asia, Africa, and South America. It contains medicinal benefits and a variety of proteins, vitamins and minerals too. Along with having no harmful cholesterol, it is extremely low in fats.

The healthful compounds present in moringa are:

vitamin A

vitamin B1 (thiamine)

B2 (riboflavin)

B3 (niacin), B-6

folate and ascorbic acid (vitamin C)







What special about moringa?

From health and beauty to help prevent and cure different diseases moringa has many benefits to count but here we are going to focus only on nine of them. Let’s know what they are:

1. A trusted caretaker of skin and hair

Whether you are a male or female, you do want glowing skin and wavy hair. If this is the case, you must go for moringa seed oil because it is beneficial for protecting hair against free radicals and keeps it glowing clean and healthy. Further, it contains protein which is very much helpful in protecting cells from damage. It cannot only be useful in curing skin infections and sores but also contains hydrating and detoxifying elements which boost skin and hair.

2. Fighting edema

The anti-inflammatory properties present in moringa can be effective in preventing edema from developing. Edema is a painful condition where fluid builds up in specific tissues in the body. Research reveals that moringa may help fight body against edema.  

3. Preventing and treating cancer

Another miraculous medical advantage of moringa is that its extracts contain such properties as might help prevent cancer developing. Moreover, it contains niazimicin, which is a compound that suppresses the development of cancer cells.

4. Treating stomach disorders

Stomach disorders like constipation, gastritis, and ulcerative seem to be the ‘gifts’ of modern-day tension ridden and hectic life. But the good thing is that moringa extracts might help treat such stomach disorders. The antibiotic and antibacterial properties of moringa may help inhibit the growth of various pathogens, and its high vitamin B content helps with digestion and orders the stomach disorders.

5. Making bones healthier

Properties like calcium and phosphorous are also present in moringa. These health-giving qualities of this miraculous tree help keep bones healthy and strong. Along with its anti-inflammatory properties moringa extract might assist treat conditions such as arthritis and may also heal damaged bones.

6. Treating depression and other mood disorders

Perhaps, what is considered to be most wondrous thing about moringa is that it is thought to be helpful in treating depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

7. A loyal companion to heart

Along with other astonishing properties of moringa, it might be a loyal companion to your heart. The experts are of the view that the powerful antioxidants found in Moringa extract might help prevent cardiac damage and has also been shown to maintain a healthy heart.

8. Treating diabetes

Moringa helps to reduce the amount of glucose in the blood, as well as sugar and protein in the urine. It can improve the hemoglobin levels and overall protein content in body.

9. Protecting against kidney disorders

Ingest moringa extracts and you might be less likely to develop stones in the kidneys, bladder or uterus. Moringa contains high levels of antioxidants that might aid toxicity levels in the kidneys.

Further, properties found in moringa treat blood pressure. It contains eyesight-improving properties thanks to its high antioxidant levels. It might help body absorb more iron. Its extract might be very helpful in treating and preventing anemia and sickle cell disease. Though moringa has many benefits to count yet there are a few risks of it too.

Note: This is to add to your fund of knowledge, anyone considering using moringa is advised to discuss it with a doctor first.


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